Discover the Beauty & Benefits of Black Windows

While light, white, and bright often come to mind when you think of window treatments, black window frames are a trendy, beautiful, and bold option for your home that is popular with today’s designers and builders. Black window frames have been used for exterior windows for a long time, but today, more and more people are seeing the benefits of using them inside. Black window frames make your windows the focal point of any architectural design, and the benefits don’t stop there.

Here are three top benefits of black windows:

1. Black Windows are Both Timeless & Trendy

When you’re choosing the windows for your home, it can be difficult to find options that are not only trendy, but that will also be up to date in the years to come. Black windows have the rare ability to not only be stylish and on trend, but will also carry your home into the future and be a timeless and elegant option. Because the color black goes with just about everything, your black windows can grow with your home. No matter how the décor of your home changes, black windows will complement it perfectly.

2. You Won’t Need Window Treatments

Black windows are their own window treatment, and you won’t need to add additional accents because the bold color already draws the eye and creates a beautiful addition to any room. Particularly with light walls, black windows create a sharp contrast between the elements in your room, and never fail to get compliments from your guests! When you’re looking to paint your window frames black, it’s hard to beat Marvin Designer Black Painted Interior Finish. Their integrated prime and paint finish creates seamless coverage, exceptional adhesion, and it’s designed for long-term performance.

3. View-Framing Capabilities

Living on Vancouver Island means there’s no shortage of beautiful views when you look outside. Black windows create a bold frame for your views and help draw the outdoors into your home. The dark colour naturally brings your eye to the window and helps you enjoy the view. This sophisticated design option not only helps define your indoor space no matter your design taste, but they also work to emphasize the views just beyond your window as well.

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